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How NOT to get overwhelmed by January

Since the first of January knocked on our door, I have been receiving a bountiful stream of e-mails about detoxing, healthy living and the way to help with New Year, New You resolutions. While I actually subscribed to those news … Read more

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Simplicity at its best: new launches from Mallow and White

Lately I have been having many conversations about skincare routines, in part, a consequence of a collaboration that I have been doing with Bio-Extracts. Or maybe it is the fact that festivities aren’t far away and we are starting to … Read more

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‘it’s easy to teach how to do a push-up, but it’s hard to teach empathy or to have an open mind and be able to continuously learn and explore the fitness and the emotional aspects that form our nature.’ ‘

— In-conversation with Rupa Mehta, founder of Nalini Method

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