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Out & about with kids: Robots & Moomins

When one is not travelling and nor doing activity camps during kids half-term, the question of how to best entertain them becomes quite pressing. Watching TV and letting them get even further acquainted with their iPads, Nintendos etc. is all … Read more

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One fine half-day at Grace Belgravia

My first impression of Grace Belgravia, which I visited shortly after it opened four years ago, was mixed to say the least. I was whizzed through it in about ten minutes flat. Staff was morose, apart from the sunny & … Read more

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‘it’s easy to teach how to do a push-up, but it’s hard to teach empathy or to have an open mind and be able to continuously learn and explore the fitness and the emotional aspects that form our nature.’ ‘

— In-conversation with Rupa Mehta, founder of Nalini Method

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