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Last week I was driving from Central London with my son safely buckled up in his car seat in the back. The traffic was getting busier and the light was dimming, day turning into the evening. I decided to use … Read more

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I have been meaning to go and see this exhibition for a while now, as it was getting quite a few column inches in the newspapers plus Tate Modern building is surrounded by so many unusual buildings that is always … Read more

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I never thought it would come to this. I wore leggings when I was a young girl with a long ponytail. It was easy to throw them on plus a t-shirt and go play with my girlfriends in the playground. … Read more

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In the last few days I cannot bear to watch the news talking about the floods in Cumbria and other parts of England. Rescue teams have been absolutely wonderful but my heart breaks seeing people re-enter their homes that are … Read more

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The book ‘The Vagrants’ by YiYun Li was published this year and I bought it a few months ago, but only recently I finally got it off my bookshelf and read it (a little confession: I am a book addict, … Read more

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Babies have the cutest bums, chubby and pink. Unless they have an upset stomach or you forget to care for them and then they become RED. Not nice and it makes our little darlings cry too. So, since my son … Read more

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I wonder if you like your feet ? Mine are not pretty or ugly, I think they are just average looking, but boy, do I use and abuse them on the daily basis. Every 5 weeks or so, I tug … Read more

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