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This time of the year generally makes one feel festive and happy. Of course there is the tiredness and the nervousness that you won’t do everything on time-cooking, present buying and wrapping, sending cards, putting up and decorating the Christmas … Read more

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Lately you cannot open the newspaper or tabloid magazine without your eye hitting the name of Tiger Woods and his supposed indiscretions. I understand that he is a public persona and one of the greatest golfers in the world but … Read more

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Most of us, be it a man or a woman, follow fashion. Some do it in passing, others take it seriously. I am somewhere in the middle, i.e. I pay attention to what is going on the fashion scene but … Read more

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The hot subject of this week was the size of bankers bonuses and the decision of the Chancellor to tax the bonuses above £25k. The more I listen to those discussions the angrier it makes me because I think that … Read more

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It is that time of the year when we all feel run down, frazzled and grumpy. Too many tasks and not enough hours in the day, and definitely no time left for ‘me’ time, which we keep on talking about … Read more

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A January issue of the British Elle landed on my door mat today and oh my God, it has a sexy goddess named Helena Christensen on its cover. I must admit, she wasn’t one of my favourite ‘supers’-I loved Christy … Read more

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