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I have never met a former Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky or his wife Inna, but as millions of Russians, have been following his story since his arrest in 2003. Of course it is difficult to pass a judgement on someone … Read more

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If you are anything like me and like fashion, than you know how interesting it is to keep an eye on the new designers, who haven’t become huge just yet, but possibly have that potential. With a hand on my … Read more

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Everyone seems to be running around in search of the perfect, elusive gift and I am not an exception to this rule. Giving gifts is a skill in itself-how do you know that the recipient is going to love the … Read more

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I kept on hearing about Lucas’s papaw ointment for years-I kidd you not (!)-but for some unfathomable reason never got down to trying it…….. Recently having ordered presents for my girlfriends, I decided to ‘treat’ myself and ordered a pot … Read more

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Normally I start my day with a steaming and large (!) cup of coffee to get me going, but during the day I know that it’s the water that I need to drink in order to maintain my energy and … Read more

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Star bag

This past year, like any before it, gave us many fashionable trends, some realistic, some not at all so, some that will linger and some that will disappear without trace. One of those trends with a staying power has been … Read more

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I always find it much more interesting to read a story about a regular┬áperson than another, mostly meaningless (with rare exception) interview with a celebrity, which unfortunately most magazines rate highly on their list of priorities, in order to push … Read more

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Autumn might not be the most obvious time to start thinking about sun protection but any good dermatologist would tell you that if you want beautiful skin that ages well, you need to consider sun protection and its daily effect … Read more

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When you are healthy, successful and fulfilled it is very easy to take things in life for granted. After all, if you have never struggled or suffered, how can you relate to people who have? Would you sympathise with a … Read more

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In the last few days everywhere you looked-TV, magazines-there were ads for the upcoming Lanvin collaboration with H&M, so not surprisingly expectations were high and we ladies were at the ready .) I had my eye on one of the … Read more

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