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I have been going to my local nail bar for years-it’s run by a grumpy Chinese guy and full of non-stop talking Chinese girls who are generally quiet efficient at giving good manis & pedis. I have booked my today’s appointment in … Read more

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Fresh is a company that was started in 1991 in America by two creative Russians, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. They began with creating artisan soaps, branching out later into fragrance, skincare, bodycare, make-up and haircare. Both Lev & Alina pioneered the … Read more

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So far, whatever Tom Ford touches, it seems to lead to profit. His revamping of the Gucci brand is by now legendary, his first directorial debut, a film called ‘A Single Man’ was a roaring and well-deserved, must I add, success, … Read more

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Tennis is a beautiful game that can keep you on the edge of the seat if you feel passionate about the players but one wonders what life a tennis player leads, how he or she trains-the list of questions is … Read more

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Even if you haven’t been travelling lately it’s been impossible to escape the news about Icelandic volcano eruption, ash in the atmosphere and closure of the airspace across Europe. I have friends who were stuck in Europe, going from place … Read more

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If you like unusual furniture or lighting or art/photography, have a look at a new Internet site It has Brent Hoberman as one of its founders ( and the idea behind it is to cut out the middle man between you … Read more

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Quite a few of us cleanse our faces at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Generally all you need is a good cleanser and water, right? Well, Clarisonic has gone a step further, coming up … Read more

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There are so many jewellery brands nowadays that it is extremely difficult to choose-and I am not talking here about jewellery worth thousands and thousands of pounds, let alone millions. I am quite level-headed when it comes to jewellery and … Read more

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Ads are part of our everyday life, they are on TV( between and during the programmes), in the magazines, on billboards, so it’s almost impossible not to be influenced by them. But it’s not the ads in general that I … Read more

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If your life is straight-forward, you take things like good health or having kids for granted. But not everyone is so lucky. I have several girlfriends who struggled or still haven’t succeeded in getting pregnant and I can’t begin to … Read more

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