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I have been practising yoga on and off for the last ten years, first having tried it thanks to my very fit friend Yana, who dragged me to a yoga class, even though this type of fitness was alien to me at … Read more

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When you are looking after kids full time or are working from home, your social skills might take a beating and your brain might go stale- women who are stuck doing routine tasks will understand what I am talking about. … Read more

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As any of you knows, we need to take care of our teeth. That includes brushing twice a day for at least 3 minutes at a time, flossing and maybe even using a mouth wash-so far, so straight forward, if … Read more

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It is wonderful to have good friends for many reasons but mine never cease to surprise and inspire me. A few days ago a dear friend of mine, who is also a neighbour, came over to bring me a jar … Read more

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A little while ago I wrote about Ellis Faas, a renowned make-up artist who created her own make-up range that is stocked up at Liberty’s of London. Well, now we can meet her in person on Wednesday, June 9th at … Read more

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One would think that kids don’t belong in the ‘cooking’ area of the kitchen-the mess, the dangers, the frustration…? Not so, thought Rebecca Coleman when she started her blog ‘Cooking with my kid –creating an adventurous eater one recepy at … Read more

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Life is full of surprises, sometime good and sometimes not so. You are prepared for some and some leave you bewildered or helpless. The latter recently happened to our friends. We all went out to have lunch with kids and … Read more

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I finally got my hands on the latest edition of ABOVE magazine (I mentioned it in one of my earlier posts this year) and it doesn’t disappoint. You have Luciano Benettonand his Green star certified Tribu boat, you have ‘kind’ … Read more

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Today was a very special day for all the Russians, the day which we have been celebrating in my family for as long as I can remember. The day that brings tears to my eyes and makes us, Russians, be very … Read more

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Mineral and organic make-up has been in the news for the last few years but until now the items that I have tried, I found disappointing, mostly because they made my skin feel drier or no different at all to … Read more

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