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It’s hard to look and Gisele and not feel jealous, even if you are a very self-assured woman. Let’s be honest-she is a  young woman with a sexy body, who appears stunning in every photo that you see of her and yet she … Read more

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Unfortunately our kids are being born in a much worse environment then we did. The air is more polluted, the water is less clean, there are more diseases and natural disasters, more additives in the food and things we use … Read more

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Last week was supposed to be easy, doing the errands, writing, amusing my son and visiting family and then on Thursday I was supposed to go to Paris! The visit was planned in advance, I had a ‘maybe’ coffee date … Read more

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Most of us have lost loved ones-grandparents, parents or friends. If you have experienced death of a loved one, you know the feeling of despair that overwhelms you for a long time, the sadness and the sorrow. In time you learn to … Read more

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Some might say that diamonds are the girl’s best friend but I would dare to say that underwear is a better friend and if you are lucky, just might lead to a diamond ring. For those of us who pay … Read more

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I have written earlier in the year about Ellis Faas and her make-up brand. This week I had a chance to meet her in person, listen to her being interviewed by her friend Bo, ask questions and try new and already … Read more

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Even though everyone seems to be talking about the crisis, the prices for everything seem to be creeping up, so it gives one immense pleasure to receive a free gift, especially a good one! Red magazine’s current, July edition, carries … Read more

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Several of my American girlfriends have been fans of MINX manicures for a while now, but as always, London lags behind in terms of beauty innovations and only recently this technique finally arrived on our shores. I have gone into … Read more

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Skin is our biggest organ, as it covers us from top to bottom, protects us, absorbs things like vitamins, sunshine and moisture and makes us look human .) One thing many women have in common is the desire to have radiant looking skin, whatever the … Read more

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