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As we get older, we become wiser with experience. Some happy, some difficult or tragic but one moves forward, taking the learnt lessons on board. One of the life changing experiences for me has been the pregnancy and birth of my … Read more

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Women are known to have a sweet tooth-some men have it too-but all too many of us are aware that sweet staff tends to go on our waist lines, so what does a girl have to do? One of the … Read more

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I have always travelled widely with my parents while living in the UK but has been a little bit lazy since I got married. Not in terms of travel, but in terms of venturing our of London and looking for … Read more

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I was browsing cosmetic counters in Selfridges today and finally got my hands on Armani’s latest make-up invention, called Blushing Fabric (second skin blush). It’s been already written about since April but there has been a delay in its release … Read more

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A while back I saw Cat Deeley wearing a pair of really cute shoes, the type that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I found out that they were by a beautiful cobbler (fancy word for shoe maker) called … Read more

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Smoky eyes will make any girl feel sexy but it always comes down to application and let’s be honest, not all of us have mastered that art! MaxFactor’s latest eyeshadow, called Smoky Eye Effect, almost does the job by itself. … Read more

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If you read my blog, you already know that I am in love with Mikahil Baryshnikov, the Danser. Russians are raised with the love of art and it is not uncommon to see parents with young kids at the Bolshoi … Read more

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June was a busy month in my household as my beautiful and feisty, might I add, nieces came to stay with us. It was mayhem and adults fell into bed exhausted by the end of the day but seeing kids … Read more

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Unfortunately I don’t come to my city of birth often enough but when I do the place seems to become more alien every time . The face of the nation is changing, the traffic gets worse, the shopping assistants or the … Read more

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