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Recently I received something from Ellis Faas that I wanted to share with you. Who said you can’t be beautiful and charitably consious at the same time?   MAKE UP NOT WAR and help us to help War ChildEver since the first … Read more

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I have been introduced to the magic of Russian theatre from quite early on in my childhood and since my teens have considered Moscow’s Sovremennik to be one of my favourite theatres. The plays were always wonderful, the actors magnificent and its … Read more

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January can be a dreary month as festivities are over, hectic work overtakes our lives yet again and our bodies are feeling tired and depleted. It’ still cold outside, so the heating is on and our poor skin gets dehydrated-so … Read more

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Scandinavians have always been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of many things (ABBA, Ikea, Astrid Lindgren, Noma by Rene Redzepi…..) and as I have friends hailing from that region, I do have a soft spot for designs coming … Read more

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  I have to confess that I adore giraffes-I just think that they are beautifully peaceful animals but never knew that my facination with them could lead me to a jewellery designer named Vanya…. Browsing through one of fashion magazines not so … Read more

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Time flies so quickly that sometimes you look at your kids and wonder when did they stop being babies and became temperamental toddlers or grumpy teenagers…..Pictures always will remind you of things past and Anya Hindmarch made bags, personalised with … Read more

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Many of us are thinking about exercising restraint now that festivities are over but when a family occasion arises, you still want to eat delicious food, even if your waist line is moaning………. I always think that saturday is a … Read more

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As I was still indulging in delicious food and I am sure many of you did too .) just after Christmas but before New Year arrived on our doorstep, I could see lots of people running in the street, around Regent’s … Read more

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