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I fell in love with scarves aged three, on the beach in Jurmala in Latvia where my parents took me for summer holidays from the age of two. I can still picture in my mind quite vividly my beautiful mum standing … Read more

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There are alway splenty of foundations/tinted moisturisers on offer but I find that for one reason or other many well-known brands don’t have the staying power on my bathroom shelf when it comes to foundation formulations. Chanel has been producing great … Read more

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It slightly annoys me that Britain is a bit behind the US in terms of fun and innovative products for kids. Take babies delicate skin-if one has eczema, you are busted-hardly anything not chemically loaded on the market that really … Read more

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February is such a gloomy month, one almost forces himself out of the apartment and out into the street, so what better way to cheer yourself now than to go on a nail polish shopping spree of sorts? First on … Read more

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I am not a ballet fanatic, but I love certain ballet dancers and this art form in general, so if Bolshoi or Maryinsky come to town, I run. However, it’s not just the Russian ballet that I adore, so when … Read more

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I love my food with a passion that got ingrained in me by my parents, who started taking me out with them from a very early age, so I do tend to judge the place on the quality of food and … Read more

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