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We all admire ballerinas from a far, after all they are beautiful creatures with perfect physic,elegance and poise but let’s be honest, how many of us, apart from the talent, would be able to dedicate our life to this art and … Read more

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From the moment I became pregnant with my first child my life has changed profoundly. As soon as you cradle your baby in the arms, you are overwhelmed with love and fear for that little bundle that came into this world and … Read more

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There are many brands producing cashmere, some higher end and luxurious like Loro Piana, others mass produced but lovely never-the-less, like Uniqlo  but ever so often a new company appears that arouses my curiosity….. Bonandzai was created last year, as a … Read more

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For the last few days I have been watching the news in horror, seeing the earth shake and buildings collapse in Japan, yet this amazing nation refuses to be hysterical, silently praying, calming the children and planning to rebuild what … Read more

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My bathroom shelves are crammed with products but gradually I seem to be shifting towards ‘cleaner’ products. I still have many well-known non-organic brands and don’t for a moment think that I have gone new age all of a sudden, but not … Read more

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8th of march is an international women’s day in Russia and for as long as I can remember men in my family or males around me made an effort to make the day a little bit special for women-a smile, … Read more

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One rainy and gloomy Sunday we found ourselves in Notting Hill, feeling hungry but not knowing where we actually wanted to go, when all of a sudden I had a brain wave and suggested we try the pizza place called Otto. Otto … Read more

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I am always on the lookout for new beauty brands that show promise andNuBo has been sitting on my ‘tester’ list for a little while, gaining momentum. NuBo is a London based (but Russian in origin to a certain degree, … Read more

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