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I am currently in Moscow, saying ‘dosvidanya’ to the summer and ‘privet’ to the autumn and catching up with the city where I was born and raised, yet haven’t visited since last June. While this visit has been quite reflective for me, … Read more

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Our mothers are more relaxed about aging because there was less pressure on them to continue looking young whatever the age-as we stand now every female magazine, talk shows, radio programmes and especially ads-women are bombarded with information about staying young, … Read more

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Not that England had much of a summer this year, but during warm time of the year I tend to prefer quick showers to long baths and my general requirements for the shower gel that I use are: it has … Read more

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About half an hour drive from Central London, in Hertfordshire there lies a beautiful estate called The Grove that comprises a hotel, a beautiful spa, a championship golf course, a walled garden and a forest-there is way more to it, but … Read more

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Once in a while a movie comes along and it surprises people and exceeds expectations-well a comedy called ‘Bridesmaids’ is definitely one of those! Having heard a few of my friends rave about this movie, i thought i would give it … Read more

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When one returns from a summer holiday one naturally feels a little sad, realising the vacation is over and life will return to routine and hard work, but to come back to news of riots and in London is another … Read more

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As you probably already know, I am a Russian who has been living in London on and off since I was 14 and the city became very dear to me, a second home, yet I will always remain a Russian, … Read more

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