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Yesterday was one of those days when sadness and inner smile collided, as the weather outside continued to play the game of ‘I cant’ make up my mind’.  As the taxi took me to the Mall Galleries, where the first … Read more

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Even when you have been using a certain brand for a few years it is always nice to find our new things about it. I have been a fan of Ren Skincare products pretty much since its launch in 2000 but I … Read more

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While I keep on hearing the word detox from a few of my girlfriends as a starting point of their new year resolutions, the idea of a full-blown detox is wrong at this time of the year, when our bodies crave comfort … Read more

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Perception of beauty is fluid and I am quite sure that first and foremost it comes from within. From the moment we are born we start to accumulate beauty traditions typical to our nationality and culture, later adding what we … Read more

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