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Any woman with an ounce of vanity will be nervous before a photo shoot for her website profile photos, but I ended up having the best photo session, thanks to Aneta Mak, who simply allowed me to be myself in front of her … Read more

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As we age, our skin regenerating process slows down and that is where a professional medical facial comes in handy. A couple of weeks ago I finally had a HydraFacial ( non-invasive rejuvenating & resurfacing treatment for your face & neck ) at … Read more

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I won’t try to pretend to have an educated view on art ( my university degrees are in banking & journalism )but I love going to art exhibitions and learning something new about the world, the artist and the perception … Read more

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It’s now been six weeks since I inhaled deeply and had the Cooltech fat freezing treatment at Waterhouse Young Clinic and I have to say that the result is slowly starting to show. But let me tell you a bit more … Read more

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Caudalie is a beautiful French brand with the grape and its effectiveness ( resveratol, polyphenols, viniferine ) at its core. It was created by Mathilde Thomas who believes in beauty products not only being effective but also natural and luxurious. Following … Read more

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From my recent springtime musings about the eyes, let me move to the skin care products you might want to try for your lovely face: Pai Skincare: Pai is one of those brands that works consistently and follows its own path, working alongside … Read more

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It seems that spring is finally here, so now is the time to review your beauty routine and products that you use, switching to lighter ( but not less effective  ) formulas and brighter, prettier colours. As the sun is … Read more

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I have been following Gazelli Cosmetics ( beauty brand originating from Azerbaijan ) emergence and progress on the British beauty market pretty much since its launch at Urban Retreat Harrods and have to say that for such a young team they seem … Read more

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There are many wonderful beauty professionals but I find myself more drawn to the holistic world and practitioners who apply their constantly evolving knowledge when developing products and who don’t rush to bring out more and more products, making skincare routine too complicated. … Read more

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It’s not every day that one is invited to meet the President of the British Fellowship of Hairdressing, who is also an MBE but I am no shrinking violet and so on a sunny morning in the middle of February I … Read more

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