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With so much confusing advice circulating about our own eating habits – what’s in, what’s out?- it is even trickier to find consistent guidelines on what we should be feeding our children. With the additional discussions about the decline in … Read more

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Digestive health and issues relating to our gut health seem to be common place, so I thought it would be interesting to invite Linda Booth, a natural digestive health practitioner and founder of Just For Tummies range of supplements to … Read more

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Sarah Chapman is a well-know facialist and a secret to many women’s glowing complexion, so you might want to keep an eye on her new product launches, if you already are not familiar with her skincare line Skinesis. ┬áLast December … Read more

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Once you become a mother you never stop learning, as what might have worked with one child, might not work with the following one. Every day brings fresh challenges and some are more pleasant than others. As a mother one … Read more

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Sometimes a conversation started on a slightly ‘wrong’ footing, leads to the most wonderful journey of discovery. This post is dedicated to one such story and has Mahalo Skin Care at its heart. Several years ago I wrote a post … Read more

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