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When one is not travelling and nor doing activity camps during kids half-term, the question of how to best entertain them becomes quite pressing. Watching TV and letting them get even further acquainted with their iPads, Nintendos etc. is all … Read more

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I believe in getting to know brands and their products, before sharing my experiences with you. Jumping from skincare product to skincare product doesn’t serve your skin well, as sooner or later it will rebel. Taking your time will also … Read more

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I, like most people, enjoy the allure and beauty of jewellery that is created by luxury companies & expert craftsmen, but my latest experience with Cartier made me question the motives and the way that the company runs its business … Read more

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My dear readers, finally I can share with you a Russian natural beauty brand worth shouting about. My own Botanic Garden journey started last summer, thanks to a gift from Elena, aka blogger Consumerista. As we caught up on things last … Read more

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