It’s always fascinating to see political debates in public, garnering emotions that rule over people taking part, whether on stage or in the audience. Last night’s Intelligence Squared debate on the subject of President Trump’s first hundred days in power was … Read more

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a ‘Tina Brown on media, politics and women in the world’ 5 x 15 event hosted by the formidably funny Kathy Lette. The timing couldn’t have been better, as it was just after … Read more

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We live in the times when receiving often overtakes one’s desire to give and that’s why focussing on charities that deserve our support is not only done by people, but brands too, as they choose to take certain initiatives under … Read more

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New books get published all the time but it’s not often that a book with a political and humanitarian context makes waves even before it’s release date. Janine di Giovanni is a journalist, who has been covering wars for more … Read more

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If you watch the news, you couldn’t have failed to notice the negativity that accompanies any coverage of Russian politics. Being Russian-born but living in England, I keep an eye on the coverage in both Moscow and London and have … Read more

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It’s always interesting to read Westerners perspective on the Russian state of affaires but I can honestly say that I am deeply disappointed that western politicians, notably President Obama, Hilary Clinton, David Cameron and Angela Merkel, to name a few, chose to  lambast … Read more

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Like many Russians I was glued to my television set this morning, watching the annual press conference of President Vladimir Putin with the Russian and foreign press. For over four hours questions on various subjects were pouring in, like hot lava … Read more

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On a Saturday evening, when the world has learnt about the passing away of Boris Berezovsky, I was walking through snowy Piccadilly towards Waterstones, for an evening with a journalist and human rights activist Irina Yasina. В субботний вечер, когда … Read more

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Last Thursday I was peacefully browsing the Evening Standard when a little article caught my attention. It talked of Royal Brompton Hospital and the fact that it seems to be losing its fight to continue saving children with heart problems and … Read more

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Last week I opened my weekly addiction, Grazia magazine and saw the headline on pages 48-49 that made me pause in my tracks: ‘The socialite leading Russia’s ‘Mink Mafia’. Its content rattled me so much, that I e-mailed Grazia’s team with … Read more

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